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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Concluding plenary |

Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Concluding plenary The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges

Audio-Record: Concluding plenary: The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges; June 18, 2017


What opportunities are presenting themselves in the global fight against corruption? How can social inequalities be reduced, and what anti-corruption projects can act as models for the future?

Thomas Krüger (Federal Agency for Civic Education, Germany)
Edda Müller (Transparency International Germany, Germany)
Eka Tkeshelashvili (European Union's Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine, Georgia)
Ilja Yashin (Politican, journalist, Russia)
Moderation: Constanze Abratzky (TV journalist and moderator, Germany)

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  • Produktion: 18. Juni 2017

  • Spieldauer: 115 Min.

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung


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