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NECE 2004-2014

NECE 2004-2014 European Citizenship Education in the making

NECE is an initiative for networking citizenship education in Europe. It was started in 2004 by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education together with partners in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. This video looks back on the first ten years of NECE.


NECE is an initiative for networking citizenship education in Europe. A variety of activities have been developed within its framework to encourage the organisation of contacts, co-operation and synergies in the field of citizenship education. NECE is not an institutionalised network, but a forum that allows the spectrum of stakeholders involved in citizenship education to interact with one another. The initiative´s chief goal is to promote the Europeanisation of citizenship education, and to contribute to the creation of a European general public.

Through a number of activities, NECE aims to provide transparency about stakeholders and approaches in citizenship education, and to inspire transnational discussions on the topics and challenges facing the field. It brings together academics, practitioners, and policymakers at the European level, and stimulates knowledge transfer and information exchange on good practices – thereby raising awareness of the impact of citizenship education and fostering co-operation and projects. NECE is primarily directed at practitioners in citizenship and cultural education, along with scholars/experts and trainers. In pursuing its aims, the initiative also reaches out to stakeholders and multipliers from the media, politics and NGOs.

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  • Directed by: Petra Grüne und Christoph Müller-Hofstede

  • Production: Kooperative Berlin Kulturproduktion

  • Coordination & Compilation: LabConcepts

  • Produktion: 17.10.2014

  • Spieldauer: 8 Min.

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung


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