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Afghanistan |

After decades of civil war and internal conflicts, (forced) mobility is part of the everyday experience of most Afghans. The country profile sheds light on the extensive flight and migration events from, to and in Afghanistan.


Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Pakistan hosts approximately three million Afghans. Which events triggered their migration to Pakistan? How does Pakistan deal with these migrants, and what is known about their living conditions? An…

Sanaa Alimia

/ 14 Minuten zu lesen

Afghan Migration to Germany: History and Current Debates

In light of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, Afghan migration to Germany accelerated in recent years. This has prompted debates and controversial calls for return.

Carolin Fischer

/ 11 Minuten zu lesen

Afghan Asylum Seekers and the Common European Asylum System

The Common European Asylum System aims at converging national asylum standards. However, the case of Afghan nationals seeking asylum in the European Union reveals shortcomings in terms of fairness and…

Bernd Parusel

/ 10 Minuten zu lesen

Four Decades of Afghan Displacement

After years of conflict-related displacement for large parts of the Afghan population mobility rather than staying put is the norm. Given ongoing social, political, economic and security problems this…

Susanne Schmeidl

/ 16 Minuten zu lesen