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Practical information / FAQ | Europe 14|14 |

Practical information / FAQ

Practical information

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Who can participate in Europe 14|14?

Europe 14|14 is aimed at everyone interested in new and unusual perspectives on the First World War, its reception and its meaning for contemporary Europe. The programme of the Interner Link: HistoryCampus Berlin is exclusively open for registered participants. The results will be published online and will be made accessible to the public within the course of the show at the closing celebration on Saturday, 10 May 2014. Elements of the Interner Link: OpenCampus programme and of the Interner Link: Supporting Programme, however, are open to everybody who wants to participate. Here, a variety of events, key subjects and formats are offered. The programme will be updated continuously.

Why is Europe 14|14 taking place in May 2014?

Europe 14|14 is taking place in May 2014 in order to avoid colliding with other big memorial events in June, July and August. There were, however, other – mainly pragmatic – reasons that led us to choose the month of May: The topic of the First World War is medially and pedagogically not yet ‚overloaded’ at this time. Also, the HistoryCampus is supposed not to overlap with your summer holidays. Furthermore a date had to be found which was possible for all the Interner Link: cooperative partners and the Maxim Gorki Theatre who hosts the event.

HistoryCampus Berlin

Who can participate in the HistoryCampus Berlin?

All interested young people between the age of 18 and 25, who are keen to think creatively about the influence, the consequences and the meaning of the First World War, are invited to the HistoryCampus. A condition for participation is a place of residence in one of the participating countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazahkstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom and The Vatican. The language used for communication beforehand and at the Campus site is English, thus your English skills should be sufficient. Additionally, you should be ready to deal with aspects of World War One in advance of Europe 14|14.

How are the participants selected?

Our aim is to invite a balanced combination of participants from various age groups and preferably many different European countries to the HistoryCampus. It is an advantage if you have already participated in youth programmes of the organising institutions or if you have previous experience in the examination of history. A lottery will decide in case of equal preconditions.

I want to participate in the HistoryCampus! How does it work?

Registration is possible until the HistoryCampus is filled to capacity. In order to register, you will need to fill out the Interner Link: registration form.
During the four days of the HistoryCampus you will have the chance to participate and work intensively in a workshop. Take a close look at the Interner Link: workshop programme and find workshops that you find particularly interesting.
As it is not easy to consider all preferences equally due to the multitude of workshops and the many participants attending, please select your favourite four to six workshops in the registration form. We will try our best to make admission possible to one of your favourite workshops. After completing the registration form online you will receive an e-mail confirming that your registration was successful. We will then contact you via e-mail as soon as possible to give you more information on Europe 14|14 and – most importantly – to tell you in which of your favourite workshops we can offer you participation. Afterwards, you reconfirm your binding participation. Hence, you are enrolled and we will begin to prepare your journey.

What happens in case I am enrolled at the HistoryCampus but unable to participate?

After having reconfirmed your enrolment for the HistoryCampus via e-mail, your participation is binding. We cover your expenses for travel and accommodation and are firmly counting on you for the programme. Cancellation is only possible under particular circumstances. For more information please have a look at the general terms and conditions at the top of this page.

How should I prepare for the HistoryCampus? Should I bring something specific?

It is possible that you are contacted in the preparatory phase of a particular workshop by the referents via e-mail, and asked to do some research at your hometown, to participate online or bring specific material (e.g. a textbook from your school, photos, etc.) with you. You will be informed about this in due time.

How did the thematical orientation and the composition of the workshops come about?

For the HistoryCampus Berlin the organisers, together with many partners from art and culture, scientific research, politics, education and theatre, developed 22 different workshops which will take place parallelly from 8 – 10 May 2014. The historical contents arise from the thematical orientation of the various cooperative partners. On the other hand, the contents are actively created by you as a participant in the specific workshops. You present the results of the examination in the workshops at the end of the HistoryCampus and thus contribute to the historical year of commemoration 2014.

How much is the participation in the HistoryCampus?

Journey – Catering – Accomodation

If you are selected and confirmed as a participant, the organisers cover the expenses for the journey to and from Berlin, the accomodation in a hostel, and the catering on site according to the general terms and conditions (see top of this page).
Participants from Germany travel with the Special Ticket of the Deutsche Bahn (second class) to Berlin. For participants from other European countries the most economical way of travel will be determined.
You will be accomodated in a gender-segregated dorm room in a hostel close to the Campus. At the hostel respectively at the Campus site you will be catered with breakfast, lunch and dinner. For mobility in Berlin you will be provided with a public transport ticket if required. The expenses for the participation in the Campus activities are – if not stated explicitly different – none. Expenses for the participation in leisure activities outside of the Campus as well as seperate journey, accomodation, catering, etc., that are not covered by the general terms and conditions and organised or authorized by the HistoryCampus-Team, cannot be refunded.

Can my friends from Berlin join as well?

The participation in many of the activities at the HistoryCampus, especially the workshops, is reserved for enrolled participants. But as we would like to let as many interested people as possible to take part in Europe 14|14, there are many public items on the programme. Besides the public events of the Interner Link: OpenCampus programme and of the Interner Link: Supporting Programme you can invite your friends to the opening party on 7 May 2014 and to the closing party on 10 May 2014 – even if they are not enrolled in the HistoryCampus. At the closing party show they can get an impression of your results of the past days.

Is access to the Campus barrier-free?

We endeavor to provide a barrier-free access. As very old buildings belong to the Campus site, however, barrier-free access cannot be guaranteed everywhere. Also during the journey there might be obstacles. In case you deal with a mobility impairment, please Interner Link: contact the HistoryCampus-Team. We will do our best to make participating without obstacles possible for you.

I have to abide to dietary regulations. Will this be considered concerning the catering?

Upon registration you have the opportunity to choose a vegetarian diet. In case you have to abide to dietary regulations apart from that – e.g. out of health or religious reasons – please Interner Link: contact the HistoryCampus-Team. We will then do our best to work out a solution for you.

What happens with photographic, film or sound material that is recorded during the HistoryCampus?

All of the photographic, film or sound material that is recorded during the HistoryCampus can be used by the Federal Agency for Civic Education and cooperation partners after the event for documentational and non-commercial purposes.

To which extent am I insured during the HistoryCampus?

Participants are independently responsible for organizing their own insurances. We recommend a medical insurance, liability protection, casualty insurance and theft liability waiver for your luggage.