Selected Projects in Citizenship Education

The bpb believes that citizenship education provides a foundation for fostering participation in society or in politics and for creating a common European consciousness. Citizenship education facilitates public dialogue and equips people with the knowledge they need to actively take part in the democratic process. The bpb is therefore involved in a variety of projects to provide information on European issues, to encourage dialogue on different citizenship education issues, and to foster mutual understanding on an international level.




NECE is a platform for networking citizenship education in Europe. It is comprised of citizenship education experts, official office holders, and practitioners who pool and exchange their expertise on best practices and policy strategies. NECE is a reflection of the bpb’s concern for the dissemination of information, for working together, and for strengthening citizenship education in Europe in general.

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Logo, Mapping Memories

Event series

Mapping Memories

Mapping Memories is an event series focusing on commemorative culture in Eastern Europe and beyond. Current events include conferences, summer schools and practical workshops.

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eurotopics Teaserbild

28 Countries - 300 Media - 1 Press Review


The euro|topics press review presents debates and issues important to citizens across Europe. euro|topics reflects the wide variety of opinions, ideas, and emotions in relation to such issues. Whether politics, the economy, society, or culture, euro|topics takes a look at roughly 300 different European media and reports daily in three languages on the most important voices in Europe.

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Umriss eines Mädchens, darin ein Bild vom Reichstagsgebäude und der Text "Jugenddemokratiepreis 2018 - jetzt bewerben!"


Youth Democracy Award

Since 2009 the Youth Democracy Award honors projects, initiatives and activities by and for young people who do not only commit themselves to democracy, but also reveal its current difficulties and challenges. Because democratic structures cannot be taken for granted, but always need to be developed further. No matter what kind of project you have created: a demonstration, a YouTube video clip, a theater play or something completely different, you can think of everything. Participate and convince us!

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Eine Frau geht an einer Weltkarte, die aus Kinderporträts besteht, am Freitag (18.06.2010) im JuniorMuseum in Köln vorbei.

focus migration

Country Profiles

Country profiles provide information on migration, refugee flows and integration in different countries – covering countries of immigration and emigration in Europe and world-wide. The profiles include information on Data and statistics, Historical background, Legislation and policy, Current public debates.

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focus migration

Policy Briefs

Policy briefs offer facts and analysis on issues of immigration, integration and refugee flows. Each policy brief provides an introduction to a key theme, combining background analysis with a critical appraisal of different perspectives on the issues. In addition, the briefs contain tips for further reading and internet links, offering readers the chance to gain more indepth knowledge on a particular issue.

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Festival 14 14


Europe 14|14

On the centenary of the beginning of the First World War Berlin will be made the European meeting point to “look back and think forward”. Europe 14|14 is a joint project by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) in cooperation with the Koerber-Foundation, the Robert-Bosch Stiftung and numerous other sponsors and partners.

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politische Bildung in Aktion

Shaping Europe - Civic Education in Action

Between 2008 and 2016 the bpb and the Robert Bosch Stiftung awarded 99 scholarships to young citizenship education professionals from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey. The recipients of the scholarships were given the opportunity to work in a German institution, carrying out their own projects, and networking with other young European professionals.

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VoteMatch Europe

Interactive European Tool

VoteMatch Europe

VoteMatch is a web-based online tool that helps voters to make up their minds about European politics. In addition to the upcoming Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections 2019, users will have the possibility to compare their answers to positions of parties in other European member states.

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"HipharpigLand" is an English-language website that provides citizenship education for children. The name "Hipharpigland" refers to the land of hippos, hares, and pigs. Children are familiarized with the idea of democracy through the stories and adventures of these characters.

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Chronik der Mauer - Zeitleisten.

Chronicle of the Berlin Wall

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall cemented the political division of Germany and Europe. The website Chronicle of the Wall is the most comprehensive multi-media source of information on this topic available at the present time. It is a co-operative project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, Deutschlandradio and the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam.

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Szenenfoto aus "For Eyes Only – Streng geheim".

"The Celluloid Curtain" Documentation

The Celluloid Curtain

The Celluloid Curtain is part of the bpb's portfolio on film education and media literacy. Spy films from the cold war era present us with a brilliantly complex puzzle: action, suspense, beautiful women, and technical wizardry all blend together in a fast and furious cinematic cocktail, which nonetheless offers many a disillusioned hero the opportunity to reflect on his or her situation.

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Go Africa, Go Germany


Go Africa... Go Germany...

Through the fellowship “Go Africa ... Go Germany ...”, the bpb grants fellowships to German and African students and young graduates. This aims at combating mutual clichés, misunderstandings, and misperceptions by facilitating personal, inter-cultural encounters and a greater understanding of the participants’ respective cultures. Each year they take part in a citizenship education programme in Germany and in different African countries.

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Media Library

The bpb at a glance

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education is something very special: It’s a government agency that provides Citizens in Germany with information about all areas of politics - explained in simple terms and without being tainted by party politics.

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The euro|topics press review presents debates and topics that matter to citizens across Europe. Euro|topics reflects the great variety of opinions, ideas and emotions on those issues. Whether politics, the economy, society or culture–euro|topics takes a daily look at roughly 300 European media and shares the most important voices in three languages.

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"Hipharpigland" is a children’s Internet site with a political theme. The name refers to the land of hippos, hares and pigs. The Hipharpiglanders, you see, are all trying to run a democracy together. There is already a government with Chancellor Barbara Broadfoot, Foreign Minister Earnest and Interior Minister Harold. But actually there is not much else that works. So join the fun. A new chapter of the comic is published every month!

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