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VoteMatch Europe: see your political preference in Europe at a glance On Europe Day, May 9, we are launching a new initiative to help voters in EU countries to see European politics at a glance: shows citizens which party they match with in 14 countries.

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Vote Match Europe

Vote Match Europe is an international network across fourteen EU countries: Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and the Netherlands.

A Vote Match consists of around thirty statements based on the policies of the political parties contesting the elections. By answering the statements a user is shown which party is their best match.

Vote Match aims to be fun but it also aims to encourage turnout, inform voters about policy differences between parties, and foster informed debate on political issues. It has the potential to promote European citizenship and to better inform citizens about elections for the European Parliament (EP). Vote Match is a tried and tested tool which reaches millions of users. In recent general elections for example, the Dutch StemWijzer reached 5 million users and the German Wahl-O-Mat reached 13 million users.

In recent weeks the various Vote Matches have gone successively online, Germany – Wahl-O-Mat, United Kingdom – Vote Match UK, Belgium – De Stemtest, Poland – Laternik Wyborczy, Latvia – Pielaiko Partiju!, Greece – VoteMatch Greece, Bulgaria – Glasovoditel, Austria – Wahlkabine, Italy – VoteMatch Italia, Spain –, Czech Republic – Volebnikalkulacka, Slovakia – Volebnikalkulacka, France – Votes & Vous and the Dutch StemWijzer.

The Externer Link: website brings together all the national votematches and shows citizens all the different parties that match their position in the participating countries. As well as country specific questions, the Vote Match systems in all countries include the same set of 15 questions. So after completing the Vote Match quiz in their own country, users can click through the results screen to quickly see which parties best represent them in other countries.

The project was successfully completed thanks to the support of a grant by the Open Society Foundation, and also the collaboration of the Grundtvig Life Learning Partnership, and the initiative Networking European Citizen Education (NECE) from the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb. For more information about how the project works in your country, please contact E-Mail Link: or the general coordination of the project at E-Mail Link:

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