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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution |

Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution Episode 2: The Emergence of the Resistance Movement

von: Sofia Platform Foundation

Join Louisa Slavkova from the Sofia Platform Foundation and Deyan Kyuranov, philosopher and human rights activist, in exploring the resistance movement, in the end of communism in Bulgaria in 1989.


Dealing with the past has been a difficult topic for the Bulgarian society - both when it comes to the communist history and to the history of transition to democracy. With a series of documentary video tours in Sofia, Sofia Platform Foundation aims to explore the events of '89 through the places and people that bear witness of them. Contemporaries will take you on a tour to different historical sites in the capital and will talk about their experience of the revolution.

While the first episode depicted the appearance of the regime through the eyes and memories of writer Georgi Gospodinov, the second episode deals with the last years of the regime's existence and the emergence and growth of the resistance movement. Philosopher and human rights activist, Deyan Kyuranov, takes us to places of his personal memories of the year 1989. He shares stories about people and places important for the emergence and growth of the resistance movement in Sofia and from where it all started - which was outside of the capital. How did the protests begin? How did ordinary people get involved? What were the consequences they had to fear? Let´s explore the atmosphere of Sofia in 1989.

Mehr Informationen

  • Produktion: Concept Studio

  • Übersetzung und VoiceOver: Eric Halsey

  • Redaktion: Sofia Platform Foundation, Charlotte Jahnz (bpb)

  • Produktion: 11.2020

  • Spieldauer: 14 Min.

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und Sofia Platform Foundation


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