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North Africa |

In current debates on immigration to the European Union, North African states are often in the focus of attention, as they are important transit countries for migrants who want to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. But there is also a high level of mobility within the region.


The Forgotten Conflict in Western Sahara and its Refugees

In 1975, the conflict in West Sahara forced ten thousands of Sahrawi to flee. 45 years later, it is still not solved – and the Sahrawi remain a geographically scattered people waiting to be able to…

Dr. Irantzu Mendia Azkue

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The Egyptian Migration State

As country of origin, transit, and destination, Egypt lies at the heart of regional migration processes in North Africa and the Middle East. An overview of past and present migrations and the state's…

Gerasimos Tsourapas

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Since the 1960s, Morocco has evolved into one of the prime source countries of labour migrants to Europe. Increasing immigration restrictions in Europe did little to stop migration, and have led…

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