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With a series of regular conferences and workshops, NECE supports exchange on good practices and scientific discourse in citizenship education, as well as its transfer into the arena of practical application. Annual conferences are dedicated to issues of current interest, such as citizenship education in immigration societies. At these events, different characteristics and interpretations of the topic are analysed and examined by a number of experts from a variety of fields. The transfer from theory into practice is then illustrated by examples of good practice introduced in subsequent interactive modules. Several times a year at NECE workshops, experts from academia and practice meet to discuss and prepare further events, projects or co-operation. These smaller events help identify prevailing pertinent questions or further topics that would benefit from additional measures. Within the framework of a given workshop, concrete co-operation can also be prepared or carried-out at a European level.



Preparing the conference "Reconnecting in a post pandemic world. Citizenship education for democracy and sustainability" on the NECE CAMPUS (June – November 2020)

The main purpose of the NECE conference 2020 and its preparatory process is to create spaces for transnational networking, dialogue and learning, centred around the ideas and practices of citizenship education. This process includes a variety of stakeholders, activists, academic experts and practitioners.

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NECE Conference 2019 Glasgow

Detailed conference documentation on

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NECE Conference 2018 / 6 - 9 September 2018 Marseille (France)

This year's NECE conference in Marseille provided a platform for the development of strategies on how citizenship education and civil society can counter the negative trend in liberal democracy and defend the civic space and basic democratic rights and freedoms in our societies.

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NECE Preparatory Workshop, 16 - 17 May, 2018, Marseille (France)

Designed to identify the forms and conditions of political-cultural education in France, with particular attention to the south of France, the workshop brought together players from the fields of politics, culture, education, science and the media in France as well as relevant civil society organisations from the Marseille region. The findings and experiences of the workshop will be incorporated into the further design of the NECE Conference 2018.

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Group picture of workshop participants


Expert Workshop: "Fragility and Resilience of Democracies in Europe. Where now for Citizenship Education and Civil Societies?"

This workshop was to discuss and reflect on the causes and impacts of the current crises of democracies, in particular the trends towards illiberal democracies in the eastern member states of the EU and electoral "revolts" which took place in the US and the UK in 2016.

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NECE 2016 Zagreb

NECE 2016 – Networking European Citizenship Education – Conference

Against the background of a global refugee crisis deeply affecting the state of the European Union and its neighbours, NECE 2016 will aim at two areas: Firstly, we will look at the ongoing European response to the issue of migration including the repercussions and divisions within and between European societies. Secondly the conference will discuss how citizenship education should react to the polarised debate and the controversies about migration, diversity and identity which have been triggered by the new wave of migration since summer 2015.

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NECE Konferenz 2015 Teaser


NECE Conference 2015: "'Us' and 'Them': Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World"

The focus of the NECE Conference 2015 will be to build on the outcomes of its predecessor event in Vienna, which looked in-depth at conflicts in and around Europe. The jumping-off point for this year’s conference is the proposition that religious, ethnic and cultural perceptions of self and others are playing an increasingly important role in political crises and upheavals, both within Europe and outside its borders.

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Conference Pre-Workshop: 'Them' and 'Us': Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World

In preparation for the NECE Conference in Thessaloniki in October 2015, the NECE Initiative hosted the Preparatory Workshop "'Them' and 'Us': Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World" from 8 -10 June 2015 in Thessaloniki (Greece).

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NECE Europa Knoten

NECE Conference 2014, 16-18 October 2014, Vienna (Austria)

Since 2014 is marked by the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, this year the NECE Initiative will turn towards questions of conflicts and the role of citizenship education in conflict management and reconciliation processes. This year’s NECE Conference will look at the meaning of the centenary of the First World War for European citizenship today and will elaborate on these questions in depth.

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NECE Workshop Belgrade, KC Grad

NECE Pre-Workshop 2014, Belgrade (Serbia)

Conference Pre-Workshop: 1914 – 2014: Conflicts and the role of citizenship education in conflict management and reconciliation

In preparation for the NECE Conference in Vienna in October 2014, the NECE Initiative hosted the European Workshop “1914 – 2014: Conflicts and the role of citizenship education in conflict management and reconciliation” from 30 March -1 April 2014 in Belgrade (Serbia).

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NECE New Year's Reception 2014

NECE New Year's Reception 2014, Brussels (Belgium)

NECE New Year's Reception 2014

The NECE Network invited MEPs, media representatives as well as practitioners and stakeholders in citizenship education to discuss issues in the run-up of the European Parliament elections 2014. Recommendations and conclusions of the 2013 NECE Conference in The Hague (the Netherlands) were presented and discussed in Brussels as well as four scenarios on the future of the EU in 2030.

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ProDemos – House for Democracy and the Rule of Law / The Hague

NECE Conference 2013, The Hague (Netherlands)

The European Union and the promise of democracy: What can citizenship education and civil society contribute?

This year's NECE Conference discussed questions concerning the further development and reshaping of the EU, which can only be a success if it is based on democratic participation and the effective involvement of the civil society.

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NECE Pre-Workshop 2013, The Hague (the Netherlands)

Conference Pre-Workshop: Scenario-Workshop for the NECE Conference 2013

Intended as preparation for this year´s NECE Conference from 14-16 November 2013, a scenario workshop comprising 35 participants from Europe and Egypt took place from 7-9 July 2013 in The Hague (the Netherlands).

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NECE Conference 2012, Córdoba (Spain)

Participation Now!

Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change

In the focus were current concepts of democracy and participation in the face of worldwide processes of change as well as crises in politics, society and economy. The conference was supposed to pursue the question of what might be an appropriate reaction to these obvious and new questions and developments of crisis – not only in the West.

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NECE Pre-Workshop 2012, Madrid (Spain)

Democracy and participation in the face of global changes

This NECE Workshop focused on Europe and its problems with currently facing the worst crisis of confidence in its history. While democratic deficits are reflected in the voter turnouts of European and national elections, neighbouring countries – especially in the Arab world around the Mediterranean – at the same time are approaching democratic changes by developing new forms of participation.

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NECE Conference 2011, Warsaw (Poland)

Closing the empowerment gap through citizenship education

New forms of political involvement are to a large extent determined by access to education, income and competencies. Groups and individuals with no access to these resources remain excluded from participation in civil society and political processes. It can be shown empirically that socially disadvantaged groups with poor educational opportunities suffer under a conspicuous 'empowerment gap'.

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NECE Workshop 2011, Brno (Czech Republic)

Perspectives of Web 2.0 for Citizenship Education in Europe

This NECE workshop aimed to identify the specific interactions of Web 2.0 and citizenship education and to discuss where the challenges and the tasks of citizenship education in the context of web 2.0 can be located. Thereby, especially the discussion on web 2.0 and the use of social media formats in the field of citizenship education in different European countries was considered.

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NECE Workshop 2010, Berlin (Germany)

Active Citizens for Europe: The Role of Culture and Citizenship Education in European Migration Societies

The aim of the workshop was to analyse the status quo of citizen´s active participation in democratic processes in Europe, regardless of national, ethnic or religious backgrounds. The discussion also focused on identity in migration societies and the promotion of an individual and active participation in democratic processes.

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NECE Workshop 2010, Trent (Italy)

European Co-operation Projects: Experiences – Strategies – Networking and Follows Up

Besides the inspiration of trans-national discourses on topics and challenges of citizenship education and the stimulation of knowledge transfer several European projects have been established during different NECE networking events. The follow-up workshop in Trent provided the opportunity to advance existing co-operation projects and to include new partners.

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NECE Conference 2010, Trieste (Italy)

Cities and Urban Spaces: Chances for Cultural and Citizenship Education

This NECE conference referred to dramatic changes in European cities: Migration and mobility reduce the cohesion within many urban societies.

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NECE Pre-Workshop 2010, Barcelona (Spain)

City and Diversity - Challenges for Citizenship Education

The future of society will be decided in cities: Individuals and groups from different milieus, origins and ethnicities encounter each other; fears and hopes, opportunities and risks. Urbanity in the 21st century is closely linked to identity processes and challenges for citizenship education.

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NECE Workshop 2010, Warsaw (Poland)

Public Libraries as Centres for Civic Education in Europe: Recommendations for new Practices and Perspectives in the Polish Libraries

The main aim of this European expert seminar was to formulate recommendations and discuss best practices regarding informal civic education that could be implemented in local libraries. The online-publication will be available soon.

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NECE Conference 2009, Vilnius (Lithuania)

The Impact of Cultural and Citizenship Education on Social Cohesion

This year's NECE Conference focused on the discussion about theoretical perspectives and educational practices against the growing social erosion all over the continent. The conference examined the applicability of general areas as well as specific topics from the scope of cultural and citizenship education, contrasting them with good practices and examples of success stories.

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NECE Meeting 2009, Brussels (Belgium)

NECE Meeting with "A Soul for Europe"

NECE met the Strategy Group "A Soul for Europe" on September 26-27, 2009 at a Working Meeting in Brussels. The discussion focused on the priorities of the initiative's cooperation work with the European Parliament and the European Commission during the now commencing legislative period.

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NECE Workshop 2009, Zagreb (Croatia)

Challenges and Perspectives of Citizenship Education in Central and South Eastern Europe

The NECE initiative invited experts and multipliers in citizenship education to a workshop in Zagreb in order to discuss the role of citizenship education in Central and South Eastern Europe and its impact on stabilising democracy in the region.

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Expert Seminar 2009, Prague (Czech Republic)

Perspectives for non-formal Citizenship Education in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe

In April 2009 MitOst Association co-operated with the "Networking European Citizenship Education" platform (NECE) and brought together specialists from across Europe at Prague's City Hall for an expert debate which highlighted recent developments in non-formal Citizenship education in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

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NECE Workshop 2009, Cologne (Germany)

Tools for mobilisation of voters - VoteMatch Europe 2009

The goal of this workshop was to enable a platform for presenting the launch of VoteMatch Europe 2009 and its partners from the European Network.

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NECE Conference 2008, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Citizenship Education Facing Nationalism and Populism in Europe

New forms of nationalistic and populist movements have arrived in Europe. Citizenship education has to search new ways to address the conflicts associated with these specific and complex variants of nationalism and populism. In the conference we are seeking for explanations for what causes these new sentiments. And we try to address these as part of a European phenomena.

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Networking Conference 2008, Strasbourg (France)

NECE - "Networking for the European Parliament Elections 2009"

The conference was organized to give European multipliers in the field of citizenship education access to information and opportunities for exchange in the areas of existing and planned models, measures and projects for mobilizing voters in the European Parliament elections 2009.

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NECE Workshop 2007, Tallinn (Estonia)

The Impacts of National Identities for European Integration as Focus for Citizenship Education

The EU´s capacity to act is closely coupled to questions involving its political and social interactions with the growing diversity in the EU. The workshop aimed to provide a picture of the current academic discourse on citizenship, as well as a networking opportunity for professionals in the field.

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NECE Conference 2007, Lisbon (Portugal)

Rethinking Citizenship Education in Migration Societies

The third NECE conference in Lisbon 2007 had an ambitious agenda. Participants from as many as 29 countries discussed effects and consequences of worldwide migration processes on the future of citizenship education.

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NECE Workshop 2007, Lochau (Austria)

Confusing Conversation (only in German)

Der Diskurs über Theorie und Praxis politischer Bildung wird heute nicht mehr ausschließlich innerhalb der Landesgrenzen geführt. Der Austausch mit Institutionen aus anderen europäischen Staaten bringt neue Ideen und Kooperationsmöglichkeiten.

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NECE Workshop 2006, Berlin (Germany)

The Politics of Memory in European Migration Societies. Consequences for Citizenship Education

Wie kann eine europäische Tradition der Erinnerung an den Holocaust und andere Katastrophen des 20. Jahrhunderts an Jugendliche mit Migrationshintergrund vermittelt werden? Ein internationaler Workshop der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und der Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft.

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Veranstaltungsdokumentation (December 2005)

EYCE 2005: National Experiences – European Challenges

The NECE conference 2005 was a contribution to the "European Year of Citizenship through Education". It provided a balance for the European Year and identified important challenges for the future of European citizenship education, like the current discourse on the legitimation and credibility crisis of the European Union.

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Veranstaltungsdokumentation (October/November 2005)


The NECE Workshops 2005 focused on special topics that make up the subject matter of citizenship education, and which also have particular relevance in terms of European education policy. Scientists and practicioners from all part of Europe exchanged experiences and discussed common strategies.

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NECE Conference 2004, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education

Europe is becoming larger – geographically, politically, economically and culturally. The challenges are also growing for civic education work that is strongly transnational in structure. The conception of this European Conference required a broad understanding of the formats and contents of a civic education and summarised these together under the concept of a democratic citizenship education.

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Conference | 28-29 October | Brussels

NECE Conference 2021

Follow the hybrid NECE Conference 2021 "COMMITTED TO CHANGE! Reimagining the future of citizenship education in Europe" from 28–29 October 2021 in Brussels. Registration is open now!

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