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Information for English speakers | Wieso, weshalb, warum? |

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Information for English speakers

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Change to the English version of our website or find some helpful links to other German institutions here

Where can I find general information?

For a brief description of the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb please visit our Interner Link: website for English speaking users. If you are interested in our project NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education, please take a look here: Externer Link:

For an overview of our current international projects, please click here: Interner Link:

In addition, you can find a short film about the work of the bpb here: Interner Link:

Where can I find information on publications?

Bpb provides English language publications which you can order here: Interner Link: If you are interested in German publications of bpb please visit our Interner Link: shop. Here you can find the required instructions and regulations for orders and deliveries outside of Germany.

For more information about Germany we recommend the following institutions: