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South Asia |

South Asia is the world's most important region of origin of international migrants in terms of numbers. The search for work or protection from persecution, violence and the effects of climate change are important motives for migration.


The Production of Statelessness in Assam

In 2014, India's Supreme Court initiated a revision of the National Register of Citizens in the state of Assam thus implementing a promise given by the Government back in 1985. As a result, 1.9…

Samir Kumar Das

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Migration and Migration Policy in Portugal

Portugal has a long history of emigration. However, it is also a country attracting migrants from different world regions. The country is known for its liberal approach to immigration and strong…


South America

South America has experienced various phases of immigration from Europe since its discovery at the end of the 15th century. At the same time, many South Americans have migrated to the USA and European…


North Africa

In current debates on immigration to the European Union, North African states are often in the focus of attention, as they are important transit countries for migrants who want to reach Europe via the…



Jordan hosts many refugees, especially Palestinians and Syrians. Labor migration also plays an important role in the country.