Zuflucht Gesucht

Seeking Refuge (OmeU)

"Seeking Refuge" is a series of animated documentaries exploring the experiences of five young refugees living in the UK. We hear from ten year old Ali from Afghanistan, who fled the country with his grandmother yet leaving behind his parents. Ten year old Hamid from Eritrea had to flee his country and describes the struggles of coming to terms with his father’s death, as well as settling into a new country. 12 year old Juliane who spent years in a Zimbabwean orphanage before being reunited with her mother continues to suffer from the effects of being separated from her at a young age, but is supported by her school who are helping her deal with her experiences. Rachel, 17, describes the suffering she underwent in her home country, her experiences in a detention centre and what she hopes to achieve as a result of her experiences. Finally Navid, 16, who at five years old fled his home in Iran. He describes why he had to leave, his long journey over here, and how he has adjusted to life in Europe.

Ali's Story. A Journey from Afghanistan

At the age of ten Ali escapes with his grandmother from war-ravaged Afghanistan. His parents, however, are not allowed to leave the country. Ali feels all too often lonesome in his new environment, for he has not heard from his parents since his departure. To find his way in the new environment turns out to be a big challenge, too. (© Mosaic Films)

Hamid's Story. A Journey from Eritrea

As a ten-year-old, Hamid and his mother flee from their home country Eritrea to escape the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. They are forced to leave Hamid’s father behind because he is entrusted with confidential information. Following an exhausting flight, mother and son arrive in Europe. Yet, they find it hard to feel at home. One day they receive the news that their father has died. (© 2013 Mosaic Films)

Juliane's Story. A Journey from Zimbabwe

As a three-year-old, Juliane is put into an orphanage. Coincidentally, she finds her mother who had to flee from home due to political persecution. Together they find refuge in Europe. Although Juliane struggles to adapt to her new life, she soon develops the confidence to embrace her future. (© 2013 Mosaic Films)

Rachel's Story. A Journey from a Country in Eurasia

Rachel's family is Christian and is both threatened and excluded in their Muslim country. The family flees to Europe. However, after a short, unburdened time they are in custody pending deportation. Back where they came from, the family is even more threatened than before. Once more, they seek refuge in Europe. Rachel lives in constant fear of deportation. But then she receives the message she has been waiting for: the family has been granted an unlimited residence permit. (© 2013 Mosaic Films)

Navid's Story. A Journey from Iran

Navid belongs to the ethnic group of the Kurds and faces repressions in Iran. Since his father increasingly suffers from all the restrictions, he flees to Europe. Navid and his mother follow him several years later. Although there are many dangerous situations as they flee, the family eventually reunites. The adaptation to the new environment is nevertheless difficult for Navid. (© 2013 Mosaic Films)

Andy Glynne is writing and producing documentary since 15 years. He has been winning the BAFTA- British Academy Film and Television Award, twice.

“We can play with metaphors which hopefully have massive impact”

Andy Glynne is Managing Director of London based production company Mosaic Films and initiated the animated documentary project "Seeking Refuge". In this interview he talks about the filmmaking process and the chances of using animated documentary while working with children and young people.

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HanisauLand ist das Land der Hasen, Nilpferde und Wildsauen und zugleich Handlungsort eines bpb-Projektes: Hier erfahren Kinder, wie das Zusammenleben in einer Demokratie funktioniert. Comicgeschichten, ein großes Politiklexikon mit Fragemöglichkeit und viele weitere Angebote helfen Politik zu verstehen.

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Spezial: Menschen auf der Flucht

Weltweit sind 2015 ungefähr 60 Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht. Etwa die Hälfte aller Flüchtlinge sind unter 18 Jahre alt. Sie wollen Kriegen und Konflikten in ihren Heimatländern entkommen. Eine Flucht ist oft gefährlich, sie kann lange dauern. Meistens wissen die Flüchtlinge nicht, wo ihr Ziel sein wird. Die Spezial-Seite stellt die Flüchtlingsthematik für Kinder dar.

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Welchen Beitrag leistet pädagogische Filmarbeit zur interkulturellen Verständigung und zur Inklusion von geflüchteten Kindern und Jugendlichen? Das Dossier auf kinofenster.de bietet Hintergrundtexte zur filmischen Vermittlung von Fluchterfahrung sowie zum Umgang mit Traumata in der Filmarbeit und stellt verschiedene praktische Filmprojekte vor.

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