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Scoring practices - consequences for education in democratic societies |

Scoring practices - consequences for education in democratic societies Super-Scoring? Data-driven societal technologies in China and Western-style democracies as a new challenge for education

von: Isabel Zorn (TH Cologne – University of Applied Sciences)

Data storage and processing have become a politically relevant topic. Media literacy and media education play an important role. Technological education is thus political education. Political education thus requires basic technical knowledge or at least the interest to look at the underlying technological processes.


A pluralistic democratic society needs education that demonstrates the connection between technical constitutions and their effects on society, social coexistence and, if necessary, social change, and that allows people to understand and act independently. The communication of basic technological knowledge must therefore be linked with insights into the correlations between the technical and the social (Gapski, Tekster, & Elias, 2018)

It is also necessary to act outside of education, for example by means of regulations on a legal basis. Education alone cannot cope with the effects of technologies on individual and social development. A shift of responsibility to individuals and their individual actions, decisions that are often only guided (nudged) reactions, but not truly informed decisions, ignores the social implications that the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling has shown. An informed social political discourse is therefore necessary in many places, which makes decisions transparent and allows the political to be political, even and especially when politics may increasingly resort to numbers and scores.

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  • Produktion: 11.10.2019

  • Spieldauer: 23 Min.

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb


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