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Dr. Maria Alvanou: Positionspapier

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Dr. Maria Alvanou: Positionspapier

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Abstract zum Vertiefungsangebot "Rechtsextremismus in Europa" im Rahmen der Fachtagung "Entgrenzter Rechtsextremismus? Internationale Perspektiven und Gegenstrategien" der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung in München, 09.-10.02.2015.

The recent national elections in Greece resulted in Golden Dawn becoming the third political power inside the Parliament (electoral percentage 6, 28%, seats in Parliament: 17). All this, when the party's leader as well as the majority of the party's prominent parliamentary members are in pretrial detention (some since September 2013), accused for serious criminal activity and no substantial electoral campaign took place in the mass media.

Taking into account first of all the presumption of innocence as well as the principle of freedom of ideology, both crucial in a democracy, the presentation will deal with certain issues like: a) The political, social and economic platform that made possible the appearance and electoral success, over the past years, of the Golden Dawn party. We will also question why people vote for Golden Dawn? b) The political reaction of the Greek political parties towards Golden Dawn c) The problematic of the discussion about banning parties like Golden Dawn inside a pluralistic political system - can such a measure backfire inside the Greek political arena and society? d) The treatment of Golden Dawn by the Greek media and its outcome in relation to the electoral results - Did the de facto "veto" by most mass media actually worked in favor of Golden Dawn? And if yes, why? e) The time period of the justice mechanism concerning the trial - yet to take place - of Golden Dawn members and how the pending accusation, without a court decision having been made, may have affected the electoral percentage.

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