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12 | Your World War One story | Europe 14|14 |

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12 | Your World War One story

/ 2 Minuten zu lesen

remembrance workshop

The centenary of the First World War has triggered a debate on both national and European level, on how and what we should commemorate. In this workshop we will look at how the remembrance of the First World War has developed up to now across Europe in different times and places.

At the start of the workshop you will be asked to present one item of your choice (such as a picture of a monument, still of a movie, extract from a book, a photograph) that in your view is either an excellent or a very poor representation of the First World War and to explain your choice.

We will use this experience to work individually or in small groups on the development of our own story of the First World War focused on what YOU think should be remembered in 2018.

By using interactive, creative and historical skills your working group will make its own well-reasoned remembrance/ story of the First World War for 2018. During the workshop your working group can make a choice out of a variety of heritage related to the First World War and the way it is and has been remembered e.g. newsreels, speeches, diaries, posters and postcards, novels, movies, monuments, museums. Working in small groups, you will develop a storyboard for a YouTube film or another medium e.g. an exposition, based on the reflections and experiences of the workshops. You can make use of digitally available sources, but you can also use your own sources. The YouTube film or other design should highlight what you find important to remember about the First World War for young people today.

For the presentation at the beginning of the workshop in Berlin it is important to bring an item of your choice (e.g. the picture of a monument) - printed as well as in digital form on a USB stick. Furthermore you should take a look at a history textbook (e.g. one you use in school at the moment) and scan the pages about the First World War. These texts are also needed in printed and digital form.

Please let us know in advance if you will bring your own laptop or smartphone. This is, however, not a requirement.

Workshop speakers:

  • Ineke Veldhuis Meester, Ambassador EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators, The Netherlands, Externer Link:

  • Elise Storck, ICLON, Leiden University, The Netherlands

  • Sam van den Eijnden, Erasmus University / EUROCLIO, The Netherlands

  • Jérémie Speiser, Leiden University / EUROCLIO, The Netherlands