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German Federal Cultural Foundation | Europe 14|14 |

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German Federal Cultural Foundation

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Since the Federal Cultural Foundation was constituted in 2002, it has worked to develop fresh ideas for the German cultural sector and foster ties to the international cultural scene. Be it in the fine arts, music, film, literature, theme-based festivals, dance or theatre, the Federal Cultural Foundation strives to provide artists more room for creativity, form international networks and promote dialogue between audiences and cultural producers. Most of its funding supports innovative projects and programmes in an international context. With an annual budget of 35 million euros, financed through the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs, the Foundation supports cultural endeavours in all artistic areas and initiates theme-based programmes and events which address a broad spectrum of cultural and socio-political issues.

The Federal Cultural Foundation is particularly keen to introduce new and younger segments of the public to culture, help them understand how it works, stimulate their interest and encourage personal involvement in the artistic process.

Currently the Federal Cultural Foundation is collaborating with the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin on the project Europe 14|14. The artistic programme is comprised of a variety of experimental methods and formats which examine the political and cultural conditions around 1914 and their relevance today. The specifically artistic orientation is another example of how the Federal Cultural Foundation is approaching the thematic complex of the "100th anniversary of the First World War", which is also the theme of a major conference titled "Political Romanticism" scheduled in Frankfurt/M. from 10 to 12 April 2014.

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