2Notizen aus Moskau: Chodorkowskij – Meine Mitgefangenen

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  Russian oil company Yukos' former Chief Executive Officer Mikhail Khodorkovsky (L) and former Menatep CEO Platon Lebedev (R) siting behind a glass panel in the defendents' box in the Khamovnichesky court in Moscow, Russia 18 October 2010. Khodorkovsky was arrested in October 2003 and Lebedev in July that year. On 31 May 2005 Moscow's Meshchansky Court sentenced both men to nine years in prison on charges of fraud and tax evasion but was later reduced by one year. A second set of charges were brought against both men, in which they were accused of large-scale theft and attempts to legalize stolen property, when their trial was drawing to a close in 2005. EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKO
Ehemaliger Eigner des russischen Ölkonzerns JUKOS-Konzerns Michail Chodorkowskij. (© picture-alliance/dpa)