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Rechtevermerk: picture alliance / NurPhoto
Fotograf: Turjoy Chowdhury
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Caption: Cyber cafes have become a good source of entertainment for the
Syrian kids. Internet is very costly in Syria but in Istanbul they can use Internet
by only 1 (TL) lira for half an hour. The kids easily manage this money by
begging for their daily entertainment. In the Cyber cafes, they play games,
watch music videos, movies etc. The age group is more astonishing because it
starts from three. A three years old boy came to watch a TV series named
"Åefkat tepe" on youtube. When he sees war, heavy gun fighting and bombing;
probably he can relate that to his reality in Syria. Istanbul, Turkey. 21st May,
2014. (Photo by Turjoy Chowdhury/NurPhoto)
Kind aus Syrien in einem Cyber Cafe. (© picture-alliance, NurPhoto)