Dsa Bild zeigt ein Hinweisschild an einem abgesperrten Düsseldorfer Spielplatz mit der Aufschrift "gesund bleiben". Wegen der Verbreitung des Corona-Virus sind Bürgerinnen und Bürger bis auf weiteres aufgefordert Sozialkontakte zu meiden.


Die Corona-Krise und ihre Folgen

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Links vom 04.06.2020

"The global race for a coronavirus vaccine could lead to this generation’s Sputnik moment"

Carolyn Y. Johnson und Eva Dou vergleichen das internationale Rennen zur Entwicklung eines Corona-Impfstoffs mit dem Wettlauf ins All zwischen den USA und der Sowjetunion während des Kalten Kriegs. "With testing underway on five experimental vaccines in China and four in the United States, the race to produce a vaccine for covid-19 has taken on political dimensions that echo jockeying for technological dominance during the Cold War, including the space race after the launch of Sputnik in 1957. (…) The nation that produces the first safe and effective vaccine will gain not only bragging rights but also a fast track to put its people back to work, a powerful public health tool to protect its citizens and a precious resource to reward allies. In an election year in the United States, the prospect of a successful vaccine by year’s end could also be a potent campaign tool. 'The vaccine is partly about health, but it’s absolutely equally as much about getting our engine of productivity back,' said Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University Law Center. 'If China had it and we didn’t, their economy could hum, and ours would continue to be in social distancing lockdowns and disruptions. This has economic, political and public health consequences.'" (The Washington Post vom 03.06.2020) https://kurz.bpb.de/ot8

"Army Scientists: All Strains of COVID-19 Can Be Covered by One Vaccine"

Wissenschaftler des US-Militärs sind Patrick Tucker zufolge optimistisch, dass die Entwicklung eines Corona-Impfstoffs bereits Ende des Jahres gelingen kann. Das neue Serum würde zudem mehrere COVID-19-Stämme abdecken, so die Hoffnung der Experten. "Army scientists say that they are 'very optimistic' that they will have a vaccine by the end of the year that will be effective against any COVID-19 strain. The vaccine candidate, currently being tested in hundreds of mice, was developed by Army scientists. The Army is also working to accelerate and evaluate candidates being produced by AstraZeneca and other pharmaceutical companies under the White House’s 'Operation Warp Speed' program, which aims to have a vaccine ready by year’s end. A vaccine that could handle multiple strains is important because some reports suggest that there may be as many as eight strains circulating around the globe, but scientists don’t know enough yet to be sure of that." (Defense One vom 02.06.2020) https://kurz.bpb.de/ot9

"Exclusive: Coronavirus began 'as an accident' in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss"

Der frühere Chef des britischen Auslandsgeheimdienstes MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, hat im Gespräch mit dem Telegraph auf eine neue Studie hingewiesen, der zufolge die Corona-Pandemie ihren Ursprung möglicherweise doch in einem chinesischen Forschungslabor haben könnte. Bisherige wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse deuten auf einen natürlichen Ursprung des Virus. "International scientists have reached a near-unanimous consensus (…) that the virus emerged in animals – most likely bats or pangolins – before jumping to the human population. But Sir Richard, 75, pointed to a scientific paper published this week by a Norwegian-British research team who claim to have discovered clues within Covid-19's genetic sequence suggesting key elements were 'inserted' and may not have evolved naturally. From the outset, the Chinese government has endeavoured to 'lock down' any debate about the origins of the virus and Beijing's handling of the crisis, he claimed. 'I do think that this started as an accident,' Sir Richard told The Telegraph's new Planet Normal podcast (…). 'It raises the issue, if China ever were to admit responsibility, does it pay reparations? I think it will make every country in the world rethink how it treats its relationship with China and how the international community behaves towards the Chinese leadership.'" (Telegraph vom 03.06.2020) https://kurz.bpb.de/ota

"Venezuela's Maduro joins hands with Guaido in fight against virus"

In Venezuela wollen Präsident Maduro und Oppositionschef Juan Guaido bei der Bekämpfung der Corona-Pandemie zusammenarbeiten. "The government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido have reached an agreement to cooperate to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus. The one-page agreement was signed on June 1 between Health Minister Carlos Alvarado, Dr Julio Castro, who leads the National Assembly's commission on the coronavirus, and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said on Tuesday. (…) 'COVID-19 does not respect or discriminate against gender, orientation or political party,' Rodriguez said on state television on Tuesday night. 'So this is good news, a good start, so that we can deepen our work together to combat COVID-19.'" (Al Jazeera English vom 03.06.2020) https://kurz.bpb.de/oth

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