Fahnen der EU-Mitgliedsländer wehen am Eingang zum Europaparlament in Strassburg


Additional Material: Expert’s Interview with PD Dr. Freise

In an interview PD Dr. Matthias Freise, Institute of Political Science at the University of Münster, explains possible reasons for the often criticised democratic deficit in the EU and discusses possibilities how to overcome it.

In einem Interview erläutert Dr. Matthias Freise vom Institut für Politikwissenschaft der Universität Münster mögliche Gründe für das oft bemäkelte Demokratiedefizit in der EU und diskutiert Möglichkeiten zur Überwindung des Demokratiedefizits. (© Cornelius Knab)

PD Dr. Freise is a political scientist at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster.

The duration of the video is 10.03 minutes.
In class, the video can be shown as a whole or in thematical sequences.
Sequences according to content:

Content [Time]
  • democratic deficit of the EU - a question of perspective [00:00 - 03:59]
  • Striving for more democracy in the EU [04:00]
  • Possibilites for young people to paticipate in the EU [06:51]

A transkript of the interview in English translation is availabel as PDF-Icon PDF.