Fahnen der EU-Mitgliedsländer wehen am Eingang zum Europaparlament in Strassburg


Growing Poster

Beispiel eines wachsenden Plakats aus der SchuleBeispiel eines wachsenden Plakats aus der Schule

The “growing“ poster serves as a method of visualisation of each group’s work results. After the students have put the results of their survey on display on the left side of the poster as a first step, the poster gradually grows on its right side. As a next step, the hypotheses are tested by means of contingency tabulations. Finally, in class data is compared to representative surveys. Similarities and differences are revealed.


When working step 1 (frequency), answers to the following questions should be found in the poster in order to ensure that the groups put results on the poster which are taken up by representative surveys.
  • Group I: Attitude towards the EU: Questions 2 and 4
  • Group II: Knowledge of the EU: Questions 8, 9 and 11
  • Group III: European Election: Questions 13, 14, 15 and 17
  • Group III: Interest in and confidence in Europe: Questions 21 and 22
  • Group IV: Future of the EU: Question 26 and 27