Opposition activists carry the Ukrainian national flag during an action of protest against the current regime in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, May 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)


Dokumentation: Erklärung "Über die europäische Wahl der Ukraine" / Poroschenko’s Reformplan

Für Petro Poroschenko ist das unterzeichnete Assoziierungsabkommen, trotz seiner letzten Anpassungen, ein Erfolg. In einem Reformplan skizziert er seine Vision einer europäischeren Ukraine.

Stolz präsentiert Petro Poroschenko das unterschriebene EU-Assoziierungsabkommen.Stolz präsentiert Petro Poroschenko das unterschriebene EU-Assoziierungsabkommen. (© picture-alliance/AP)

Erklärung "Über die europäische Wahl der Ukraine"

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Resolution "On the Statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 'On the European Choice of Ukraine'" (press release, 16.09.2014)

The Statement reads out: An outstanding event took place in the history of modern Ukraine—the Ukrainian Parliament has made a crucial step in the direction towards the European integration. Having overcome 23 years of hesitation, uncertainty, and hardship, as well as counteraction to dreadful aggression, Ukrainian people have won their right to live in a free and democratic state. Such status can be acquired only in the union of equal, prosperous, democratic and legal European states. The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement provides us with such a unique opportunity. Its ratification allows beginning a comprehensive reforming of the state on the basis of European standards and values. We understand that this will be a complicated way, however, we see no other alternative for our country. Now all brunches of power demonstrate unity of views on Ukraine’s European prospective, in no small part due to the factor of external pressure that was clearly directed at making our country retreat from its far-reaching choice. The one who exerts this pressure should realize that the greater the pressure is, the greater the resistance will be, and the more united Ukrainian people will become in their fight for the choice of their future. Whereas aspiration for a higher level of civilizational development, that is based on democracy and civil society, is the integral part of strategic development of our country. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as the only legislative authority that embodies the will of its electorate claims that by having ratified the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine, as a European state that shares common values of democracy and the rule of law, emphasizes its sovereign choice for the benefit of the future membership in the European Union under article 49 of the Treaty on European Union. In connection with this, Ukrainian parliamentarians stress that Ukraine views the ratified EU-Ukraine Association Agreement as a tool for a comprehensive preparation in order to reach this aim. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considers ratification of the Agreement not only as an impetus for implementing further reforms in Ukraine but also as another step on the way to accomplishing its main objective—the European integration—becoming a full member of the European Union. Ukraine’s decision regarding the European future is decisive and final. And nobody will compel our country to change the movement vector on this way. The respective bill was registered under No. 5076.

Quelle: Information Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Secretariat, http://iportal.rada.gov.ua/en/news/News/News/page/en/news/News/News/97809.html

Poroschenko’s Reformplan

Petro Poroshenko presented "Strategy of reforms – 2020": The purpose of reforms is membership in the EU (press release, 25.09.2014)

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko presented "Strategy of reforms – 2020". "The purpose of our ambitious reforms is to achieve European standards of life and prepare for the application for the EU membership in 2020," the Head of State said. According to the President, "our revolution has won with a delay of several centuries and we have only a few years to overcome this critical gap". Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that reforms must be systemic and touch upon all political, economic and social institutions. That's why "Strategy – 2020" provides for 60 reforms and special programs that must be launched almost simultaneously, he stressed. The President called 8 top-priority spheres reforms in which resolve the most urgent problems or create institutional preconditions for the implementation of other reforms. These priorities are anti-corruption and judicial reforms, reformation of law enforcement bodies, decentralization and state governance reform, tax reform, deregulation and development of entrepreneurship, reformation of security and defense system, health-care reform. "I would add two special urgent programs – energy independence and further popularization of Ukraine in the world," the Head of State noted. Petro Poroshenko called judicial reform the main one. "The essence of all reforms is to create good and fair rules instead of bad, unfair and unequal," he said noting the role of courts in the given process. "Judicial reform is a kind of initial reform, just like amendments in public administration. The whole state machine is customized by corruption interests," the President said. According to him, reforms must be preceded by radical renewal of the government's staff. The Head of State stressed: "I set a task for myself, for the brainstorming center of reforms in the Presidential Administration, for the Cabinet of Ministers: to elaborate a package of draft laws for the beginning of top-priority reforms by the first session of the newly elected Verkhovna Rada". "By the way, on October 14, I will firmly demand the old Parliament to adopt the law on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau," he stressed. At the same time, the President emphasizes that elaboration and implementation of reforms must be carried out jointly with experts and civil society. "Reforms must become a result of joint efforts of all branches of power, society and business. My function is to create political conditions favorable for the implementation of reforms," Petro Poroshenko noted. "Strategy – 2020" consists of three vectors: sustainable development of the country; security of the state, business and citizens; responsibility and social justice. The main precondition of this work must become a new social contract between the civil society, government and business where each side will have its own area of responsibility, the Head of State said. The President particularly emphasizes that "Strategy – 2020" must unite all political forces around one common goal. "Political competition should move to the plane of finding optimal ways of implementation of reforms and achievement of a common goal. We shouldn't discuss where to go anymore. The topic of discussion is how to go there," Petro Poroshenko noted.

Quelle: Press office of President of Ukraine, http://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/31289.html