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Methods for participation of young people in citizen budgets | Netzwerk Bürgerhaushalt |

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Methods for participation of young people in citizen budgets

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This publication of "Youth Participation in Citizen Budgets" (JUBU) can be ordered now for free. It includes a collection of methods for participation in citizen budgets.

(© JUBU - Jugendbeteiligung bei Bürgerbudgets)

The latest publication of Externer Link: "Youth Participation in Citizen Budgets" (JUBU) is online or can be ordered now for free. The newly published volume includes a collection of methods for participation in citizen budgets. It is based on the "democratic cycle" and its stages. The focus is on young people between the ages of 16 and 26. Approaches are presented that include working with school classes and youth groups as well as outreach. The methods have their origins in community work, democracy education and classic civic participation and are generally also suitable for dialogue-oriented participation with young people.

The following methods are included in the volume: social space analysis for citizens' budgets, exploratory walk, activating interview, middle person in contact development, flash light, public dialogue walls, map method, car photography method, district walk, brainstorming, writing conversation, small group work, gender analysis citizens' budget, visit from city hall, voting procedure, campaign planning and monitoring commission. In addition, more publications from this series will follow in the near future. A digital PDF version is already available for download from JUBU's site at Externer Link: (an accessible version is also available)....

The book can also be ordered free of charge by sending a request to E-Mail Link:


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