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Workshop 1: Vote Match/ Voter mobilisation | NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education |

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Workshop 1: Vote Match/ Voter mobilisation Citizenship education in practice: Parallel forums

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How can tools like these support the understanding of party agendas and thereby contribute to elector mobilisation? What experiences have been gathered on both sides in drafting concepts and implementation? What differences are there? Where can synergies be formed? Where do the challenges lie?

Project Presentations

Voting Advice Applications in Europe/ Vote Match Europe

Voting Advice Application (VAA) is an Internet application that helps voters find a party that stands closest to their preferences. The ‘StemWijzer’ is nowadays the most popular Internet site in election times. The tool was successfully implemented in a.o. Germany, Bulgaria, Great Britain, France while other countries like Austria, Latvia, Poland, use similar tools. Since 2010, has established itself as the first VAA in Spain to help citizens find a political party that was closer to them during election time. Vote Match Europe is an educational tool that has the potential to promote citizenship to better inform citizens about elections, teach voters about the programmatic differences between the contesting parties and to increase the voter turn out.
presented by Diego Garzia, European University Institute, Florence (Italy) &
Ana Cynthia Uribe, Ramon Llull University / (Spain)
Interner Link: Factsheet (152 KB)
Interner Link: Factsheet Vote Match Europe (152 KB)

Electionnaire Tunisia & Egypt

The 'Electionnaire’ is a tool of political orientation that offers civil society the chance to determine relevant issues on which the political parties are invited to take a position. Political parties, on the other hand, can develop their political positions pertaining to relevant issues.
presented by Haytham El Wardany & Paola Stablum, Media in Cooperation and Transition (Germany)
Interner Link: Factsheet Electionaire Tunisia/Egypt (158 KB)

Introduction & Moderation:

Jochum de Graaf, ProDemos (the Netherlands)

Interner Link: Ondrej Horak, Civic Education Centre (Czech Republic)