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Parallel Open Forums - NECE Partners (10:30 am – 12:00 pm) | NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education |

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Parallel Open Forums - NECE Partners (10:30 am – 12:00 pm)

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Partners of NECE have the opportunity to autonomously bring up forums with their conference-relevant topics.

  1. "How to turn times of change into times of new citizenship? Some difficult experiences from a post-Communist country"

    Using the experience of the Czech society after 1989 as a case study the forum will try to work out some key problems concerning the citizenship and citizenship education in transforming countries.

    presented by Ondrej Matejka, Civic Education Centre (Czech Republic)

  2. Dialogue at schools - Citizenship Education for young people in a migration society

    This German project (situated in Berlin & Stuttgart) aims at mobilising the creative energy of young academics who have had experiences of migration in their families. They are trained to work as moderators in schools that have a large number of kids - often from immigrants’ families - with educational and social problems. The project starts from the basic assumption that the facilitators can act as useful role models for these kids by offering them a new way to think and speak of themselves as active citizens in a democratic society. Objectives of the project are testing and evaluating new formats of citizenship education for kids with experiences of migration and discrimination in schools in major urban cities. Two of our Berlin moderators will present examples and best practice approaches of their work and the latest findings on how to successfully implement this approach in difficult environments.
    Interner Link: Dialogue at school (2.416 KB)
    Interner Link: Brochüre: Dialog macht Schule (1.485 KB)

    presented by Katharina Müller & Siamak Ahmadi, dialogue moderators (Germany)

  3. Various project presentations by the Alumni of the “Shaping Europe - Civic Education in Action” fellowship programme

    Young citizenship education professionals from different countries of South Eastern and Central Eastern Europe will present and discuss citizenship education projects they are working on in their countries. Some of the projects: "Transparency Index - a tool for NGOs, citizens and academia" (Hungary); school projects concerning sustainable education (Bulgaria) and multicultural education (Hungary and Transylvania); commemorative culture (Poland). The alumni are very interested in discussing their projects and getting new ideas for the benefit of citizenship education in their countries.

    moderated by Gita Hulmanova, Alumni of the fellowship programme "Shaping Europe – Civic Education in Action" (Slovakia)

  4. Brave Muslims finally fighting for Western democracy? Reflections of the Arab Spring in European media

    This workshop offers participants the chance to find out what European media had to say about the Arab Spring. How does the way it was perceived differ from country to country? Which events were considered important? What role did "the West" assign itself? Sarah Portner will show you how to find the answers to these questions on - a press review that takes a daily look at the media in 28 European countries and cites the most influential and interesting voices.

    presented by Sarah Portner, (Germany)

  5. Young People Re-Inventing Democracy

    The concept of "Young People Re-inventing Democracy" - making it easier for young people to participate - identified the root causes that inhibit their participation and the major drivers that would facilitate a new system of governance guaranteeing authentic participation by young people in all decisions and matters that influence their lives. The panel will provide the opportunity to see first hand the Cypriot, Greek and European experience in "re-inventing democracy," the attitude of the youth people being mobilised, the impact the workshops had on them (individually) and as collective teams, and the general outcome of the sessions.

    presented by Elia Petridou, Future World Centre/ DARE Network (Cyprus)