Workshop 9: Enlightenment or propaganda tool? Conflicts and the role of the media

Media of all kinds outlet can heighten, prolong or help to solve conflicts. This applies to political and societal situations of upheaval as in Ukraine or Egypt just as much to civil wars as in Syria. State and non-state players alike are spending more and more resources on control over the media and the Internet. How can citizenship educators assert themselves in this disputed field, how can they develop their own competences and impart them to citizens? Who are the allies standing ready among independent journalists? What role is played by transnational media such as the Internet? Drawing on examples from selected countries, the workshop will highlight the opportunities, risks and potential instruments of citizenship education in dealing with digital and non-digital media.

PDF-Icon Dirk Auer, balkanbiro (Serbia)
PDF-Icon Chris Burns, Friends of Europe (Belgium)
PDF-Icon Nenad Sebek, Regional Cooperation Council (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Moderation: Gemma Pörzgen, Reporters Without Borders (Germany)

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