NECE Meeting with "A Soul for Europe"

NECE meeting with the Strategy Group

NECE met the Strategy Group "A Soul for Europe" (ASfE) on September 26-27, 2009 at a Working Meeting in Brussels. The joint cooperation is an example of the interrelation between citizenship education and cultural activities and how these complement each other.

The Strategy Group "A Soul for Europe" met for a discussion at the beginning of the new EU legislative period. This discussion focused on the priorities of the initiative's cooperation work with the European Parliament and the European Commission during the now commencing legislative period. NECE contributed to the meeting mainly by providing best-practice examples from its well-developed network of over 1000 experts and organisations. The examples illustrated how national initiatives can merge on a transnational level and foster involvement and participation on a pan-European level.

Information on the Strategy Group "A Soul for Europe" (ASfE):

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    26th-27th September 2009


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