20.10.2015 | Von:
Bianca Schönberger

Anti-Discrimination Trainings in Vocational Schools - Peer Education

This project engages pupils at vocational schools interactively with the topics of: prejudice, discrimination, racism and moral courage. The aim of the anti-discrimination workshops is to reflect on one's own prejudices, to promote a positive approach to diversity, and to train the communication skills of young people to intervene in discriminatory situations. After the workshops pupils can apply for the two "Train the Trainers" Seminars, which each last 2.5 days.

The "Train the Trainers" Seminar ascertains a deep understanding of the concept of "discrimination" and understanding of the legal situation in Austria. It includes elements such as the development of a half-day anti-discrimination training for vocational students, the development of training methodology, Conflict management and Team building. Following the seminar, the new peer trainers conduct anti-discrimination trainings at their schools. These trainings, titled "Encouraging diversity!", are supervised by a trainer who taught at the "Train the Trainers" seminar.

Conference | 28-29 October | Brussels

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