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20.10.2015 | Von:
Daniel Speer

oha online hass abbauen - virtuelle Trainings gegen Hass und Gewalt

The established face-to-face trainings are limited in various ways. A team of education experts explores web-based strategies, that need to be designed to facilitate the process of deradicalization and creates an online training for exit work with right-wing extremist youth.

The project is aimed at the reduction of hate and violence by developing web-based strategies that support deradicalization. A team of education experts designs an online training with tools, methods and exercises especially for right-wing extremist youth. The online training is supposed to facilitate change in the user’s behavior and in their attitudes. While completing the online training the user will be guided by mentoring and will be encouraged to dissociate from their right-wing networks. Moreover they'll get practical support to reintegrate in nonradical civil society. Recruiting, training and supervising the mentors are also key tasks of the project team. After a phase of designing and developing the virtual units, the online training is supposed to be pretested and finally launched for a two year phase of testing under real conditions.

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